Overseas Manufacturing

Fresh Production Manufacturing from yarn to pack:

We have direct contacts with reputable factories who are presently working with us to make sure quality, on-time delivery and competitive pricing is accordance with agreement. We know that many customers have face previous production problems or have received goods which are not as expected from their suppliers especially in countries like Bangladesh and Pakistan, but unfortunately we have also faced all these problems initially but due to our extensive years of experiences in dealing with so many factories previously so we could now finally appreciate the fruition of our hard work. Today we have loyal local partners working together with us so we are able to ship containers of goods without facing these problems anymore. You may rest assure that once an order has been confirmed, we will take full responsibility to take care of everything from pre-sampling to final production stage until your order has been shipped. Reputation is very important to us so we work diligently and with integrity. Our local partners and their QC teams will manage the quality control inspections of all goods before your order has been shipped out from the factory so be assured that there should be no room for error.

Depending on the quality and price you are looking for in certain commodity, we will evaluate and recommend the best factory and country location to manufacture your garments.

Stock Fabric Production:

Since we have worked with so many different factories overseas, we are always receiving inquiries on surpluses of A grade fabrics which some factories are holding but they wish to get rid of these fabrics at a discounted cost. Normally when booking fresh production from yarn to pack, prices are usually 30% higher but if you purchase stock fabric you could reduce on manufacturing cost. These fabrics will be available in either greige or dyed fabrics. Whatever fabrics which are available at the present moment, the factories are willing to use these leftover stock fabrics to produce any garments according to your designs and specs.

To inquire about stock fabric production: Contact Us

Overseas Offices:

Pakistan Office:
Plot 69, Sector 6B, North Karachi, Industrial area, Karachi Pakistan

Bangladesh Office:
House # 33,Level # 5,Road # 9,Sector # 13, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka, Bangladesh

China Office:
Rm. 218, Bldg. 5, Wangzhuo Industrial Zone, Heng Jiang Rd., Keqiao District, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China