TTN Apparel has been in operation since 2004. We initially started the business by importing stock lot apparels from China, Bangladesh, and Pakistan and then distributed to the discount retailers in Canada and USA. We purchase all types of surpluses and cancellation goods directly from reputable factories overseas at a discounted price, therefore, we are able to offer the merchandise to our customers at a competitive rate. Our main products are casual wear and sportswear items such as t-shirts, jerseys, fleece hoodies, french terry sets, flannel sets, polar fleece, denims, twill shorts and sweater knits.

Due to our extensive travel overseas and visiting different factories in the last 12 years, this experience has enabled us to obtain good relationships with our suppliers. Because of the tremendous contacts which we have made throughout previous years visiting these countries, it has enabled us to offer all customers the services of booking private label fresh production orders and managing all stock lot apparel buying on their behalf with eliminating the worries and any unexpected surprises which arrives in importing from these countries..